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A young boy looks on at the rubble of destroyed and badly damaged homes in Shijaia,β€―Gazaβ€―in 2014. Shijaia neighbourhood was badly hit during the 2014 war and is where an NECC clinic is located to serve the local community. Image: Richard Wainwright / Act for Peace.
Dear Craig,

It’s hard to put into words the scenes we’ve witnessed in Gaza and Israel over the last few days, let alone how to describe the complex nature of the conflict. What is clear to me is that the escalating violence will result in mass suffering for civilians across the region.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Hamas militants launched a surprise attack, crossing from Gaza into Israel, attacking civilians, and taking hostages. Israel has responded by pummelling Gaza, striking the small, densely packed area from sea and air.

Please give today to help our partner provide lifesaving medical care and help respond to this unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

My name is Geoff, and my team has worked closely with our local partner in Gaza for over 15 years. The Near East Council of Churches Gaza (NECC) runs three health clinics that are providing vital medical care to some of Gaza’s most vulnerable neighbourhoods.

As I’m writing this, reports indicate that at least 900 Israelis have been killed and about 2,600 people are being treated in hospitals. It has been reported that at least 690 Palestinians have been killed, including 20 children, with nearly 3,800 wounded as a result of Israeli airstrikes. These numbers will rise as the days and weeks go on.

The potential for a major escalation of violence across the region is extremely likely.
On the ground, the health clinics we support are preparing for a huge influx of casualties. Our local partner staff are living under the danger that they could be targeted by airstrikes in the coming days. Despite the risks to their own lives, they remain committed to providing lifesaving medical care to civilians caught in the middle of this crisis. Their three primary health clinics treat young children, pregnant women and young mothers.

Dr Lubna, the Head of NECC’s Health Department, told me on Monday:

β€œA hospital was partially bombed and one of the health staff has died. There is also a severe shortage of drugs and medical supplies facing the hospitals in Gaza. The electricity has been cut for over 24 hours and has affected the operation of medical equipment, particularly oxygen pumps. I hope the situation will improve soon and escalation stops because this will lead to a health crisis”.

They need our support. They need to know they’re not alone in this.
Your gift will go directly to supporting our partner's emergency response in Gaza and will help safeguard the human rights of local communities by giving them access to the healthcare they need.
I also ask that, if you are a person of prayer, you join me in praying for those impacted by this conflict. Please pray for:

  • All those affected by this crisis, Israelis and Palestinians alike. Pray for those who are right now living in fear, those who are mourning the loss of loved ones, and those who have lost their homes.

  • The continued protection of our colleagues at NECC, and for wisdom and courage as they continue to serve their communities.

  • A peaceful resolution.
Your gift will help respond to this humanitarian emergency as the crisis evolves in the coming days and weeks.

So please, give generously if you can. You will be making a huge difference in helping our partner and the communities they serve get through this humanitarian crisis.
In hope,

Head of Partnerships and Programs
Act For Peace
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